The various paths to sainthood

Marriage is a holier than thou institution and either way once you are in it you are ready to face the same music. Now the discussion is which is a better path to enter the gateways of this hallowed domain?

Well, love marriage is defined where the bond is formed due to mutual love and the next phase one opts for is obviously marriage. Couples, who opt for this path obviously gives a whole lot of importance to the aspect of LOVE, consider it to be an important cornerstone of marriage. They know each other, like each others company and glad to be under the same roof. Families (hmmph!) may or may not be involved , only needed to give the final blessing!

On the other hand is arranged marriage. This is a way in which two people, stranger to each other (mostly), takes marriage as a deal, allows family to make them meet someone whom they believe, along with the person in question, would fit the bill of a suitable spouse. Here LOVE is not the sole criteria to be together but rather it’s considered to be a by-product of this union.

Now there is no good path or bad path, both these paths have their pros and cons. Which path one should take is totally defined by one’s mentality, circumstances and which emotion weighs higher in their lives?

Either path does not guarantee a successful, working relationship because marriage is a day-to-day adjustment, each day a test to remember your vows and a promise to make it work together. Sainthood is achieved if at the end of the day you are both together and happy and then it does not matter which path you took.


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