The conspiracy called Maternal Love!

A normal day with a normal evening. Time is 8 pm and there was me and my kiddos. Me was lounging on the sofa with a book and the kiddos were playing on the ground. Life was cool, perfect for that one second. Love was in the air.Then there was a knock on the door. Everything froze followed by a shout of joy ‘ Daddy’s here’.

Kiddos (D and G) rushed to open the door to find a grinning daddy standing there. Elated they jumped to his lap and well that love in the air thing disappeared, poof!

My pleas of being quiet, get back to the game etc..were completely ignored!

No! This couldn’t be happening to me D and G were all ears, heart, head for daddy (middle one being most important) and me relegated to the post of a baby sitter.

The green monster showed itself then, how could they love him more that me? I was the mother after all, their primary care and love giver.

And the thoughts raged on and on, kind of bubbled over and frothed, when suddenly an innocuous question from daddy made me see red.

‘Honey what’s for dinner?’

‘Is that all? Do you only remember food when you see me? Where is love?’………I demanded.

Daddy stunned, D and G gave me a surprising look!

As if they understood the whole underlying phenomenon.

D came and put her small hands around my neck, rested her head and whispered ‘Mama I love you, please don’t get angry’……..

The green monster disappeared and my calm returned , assured that my kiddos still loved me. Silly how terribly selfish i am when it comes to their love.

I want it all and don’t want to share it with anybody…………..but i have to accommodate Daddy (sigh!) he is the parent after all.


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