The nirvana called pastry

My first delight is always a yummy, gooey, chocolate pastry. Never mind the fact that I’m always trying to lose weight. In joy i love a pastry, in grief this pastry gives me immense comfort, any good occasion calls forth a box of pastries. So there, any moment is incomplete without the presence of this pastry. Along with getting the pastry comes the additional burden of having to shell out money, good amount of it. In this desperation i also tried to maintain a pastry account, always overshot it!

After encountering all these, one fine day i decided to learn the art of decorating a cake and making a pastry. Voila! that should be the answer to have my cake and eat it too!

Searched for the right course and finally met a lady who gave me a class on making pastries. Ooh! there were all of them pineapple pastry, black forest, chocolate truffle and butterscotch. You name it and it was there.

The class itself was an enjoyable one, started with getting our tools and skills correct moved on to watching a pastry taking shape and ended with ourselves doing an entire cake.

I managed to create a black forest cake and as i layered cream and chocolate, the bird inside me was singing. After the layering,, we piped our decoration on top of the cake, it was clumsy yet the net result was colorful. I couldn’t believe it i had created THE BLACK FOREST CAKE! Yippee i was over the moon.

The results were fantastic, the decoration was shop-worthy, the taste awesome and the pleasure of making one completely unbelievable.

The joys of pastry is manifold, and finally i could participate wholly in that joy, from seeing a pastry taking shape to having it too!


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