Walk the Talk

It is a ritual of sorts. After dinner take a walk, exchange information, have a discussion and generally catch up with each others day.

So it was the other night, having put the kids to bed we stepped out for the walk.

It was a cool night, showers in the evening had formed water puddles here and there and a nice, cool breeze was blowing. My senses were cooled and in spite of a hectic day i could feel myself relaxing.

Then it started, daddy was upset, no maybe still stressed out!

Topics generally the bitchy ones cropped up, mind you all from his side, weight problems, kid problems, the concept of marriage and God-knows-what!

All the while moi was patiently fielding the discussions and finally i could not contain no longer and burst out laughing. All this in the middle of a so called serious discussion. Daddy was visibly annoyed, and then i reminded him that right now what happened was role reversal.

At this observation he was mildly amused too and then came my final weapon, i threatened to publish all the topics in detail on my blogging site, daddy was now alarmed. ‘Please go anonymous’…………..it was such a pleasant sight too watch.

Well the pen is mightier than the sword , proved and concluded and the walk has become a far more interesting ritual in our lives.

Looking forward eagerly to the next talk on the next walk, will keep you posted ciao!




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