Molly was a bright girl, all sprightly and full of life. She loved to laugh and spread joy. She wanted to be a comedian.

Molly went to a nice school in a school bus everyday. Their were lots of children attending the same school as she did. Her little sister too tagged behind her. Much as she loved her, Molly sometimes wanted to be alone and do her things instead of minding her little sister who never left her side.

Mornings saw a very sleepy Molly get up and get ready for school, she had long, unruly hair. So her mother had to spend some time to bring them to order. The hair defined Molly they were curly and unbounded, much like the free spirit Molly was.

After a hurried glass of milk she would grab her school bag and rush outside to catch the school bus. She loved her school and looked forward to the activities lined up for the day. While standing in the queue for her school bus to arrive, one day Molly noticed a set of twins.

They were all tiny and this was their first year in school. She saw them clinging to their parents, scared and generally insecure. Some days they would be crying and some days completely lost. After their parents put them in the bus, the twins would not know where to go. Molly could see them standing in the aisle, all lost as other kids dashed past them to grab a seat.

Finally she could take it no longer, she decided to be the twins’ unofficial school bus mentor.From that day on she would guide the twins to a seat and even make them quiet if they started to cry.

It was a lovely relationship, Molly felt very protective of them. She shielded them from children playing rough games and even from the bullies. The twins started to trust her and was generally comforted to have her around.

One day one of the twin was complaining of a leg pain, still there they were at the bus stop. Then their mother approached her, she had seen Molly taking care of her kids. She said ‘ You are Molly right?’, Molly nodded her head. ‘ Can you please help today? One of them is a little upset, could you please guide her in the bus and take her to her class?’…Molly agreed readily.

Molly saw the twins’ mother relax. Then she said ‘Thank you Molly for being there for my kids, you are a gem.’

Molly was all blushing now, she never realized that her simple acts of helpfulness and love generated so much more in the surroundings. She was overjoyed and skipped happily to take her bus to school.

If the world had Molly’s in abundance wouldn’t it be a safer place for our kids?


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