The secret of truth

Her hands were sweaty and she tingled with a funny sensation. Her dark eyes danced and she could contain no longer. The heaviness grew and it felt like she was carrying a thousand pounds. She had to tell someone or else she was bursting at her seams. She had a secret!

Isn’t this the feeling we all get when we have one of our own and it needs to be kept tightly to our chest? However every secret is incomplete until it is shared with someone. Then does it remain a secret? It just becomes more secretive because now you have someone to share with. I have often wondered about the similarities between a secret and love. Both needs to be shared to be even more stronger.

So little Deena had a secret, she had an extra apple in her bag. Now this is nothing so special, you might wonder! However it was, Deena was a child laborer, she worked in a restaurant in the evening and attended school in the morning. That apple was her lunch smuggled to her by the loving lady who was the caretaker of the restaurant. Deena  would generally attend school with a banana for lunch. That apple was precious and Deena took a peek now and then to check whether it was safely tucked away inside.

Lunch hour came and went but Deena was too careful and did not want to reveal her apple to the world. She wanted to savor it alone and when no one was watching her. Deena felt insecure with food all the time. Her past has proven to her that food was precious and needs to be protected, preserved. After school as she walked back to the restaurant to begin her daily chores, Deena knew she only had a few minutes to herself. She took the road which cut across the railway tracks. There in a corner Deena sat under a tree and carefully took out the apple. After a loving look she just about managed to take a bite when another urchin appeared begging for food.

Now you might wonder yes yes she gave her precious apple away!


Deena valued food more than anything else, her dead father and her five other siblings, whom her mother strive to feed ensured that.

She shoved away the urchin and hastily put the apple back in her bag. She ran, as fast as her legs could carry. She was not going to share food. Her secret safe she went back to work.

After work when Deena was very tired and ready to go to sleep, she fingered the apple once more. It still lay in her bag like a precious stone. Deena was about to curl up and go to sleep when she noticed her younger brother sobbing away quietly. After some prodding she understood that due to some mischief, her mother had refused to give him food.

Hunger is a demon Deena knew that, however she always believed in the strength of a family and looking out for each other.

Her secret had to be shared.

Out came the apple shining in the reflected street light and there spread a smile on her brother’s face. He was only four years old. With a promise to be good the next day he took the apple, to devour it. Deena was happy for her brother and glad to share her secret.

Family ties are strong and needs to be nurtured, however adverse the situations might be.


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