As I danced

The lively music, the beats and sounds always managed to lift Tara’s moods whenever she was in the dumps.Tara had a lousy day, she worked as a lawyer and the case she was dealing with right now had become a bit messy to her liking.

The pub was always her place to get out of that mood. She was itching to dance. Finally she could control no longer and headed to the floor. She was a natural and as music flowed through her veins she was transported to a different world.

Dance had always been her first passion. Ever since she can recall she was swaying to any songs she heard. Her mother enrolled her for dancing lessons in a nearby school. Those were happy days, as she would look forward to dance classes after school, twice a week.

Her talent and training ensured that she got to perform in lots of shows and functions. She loved each minute, dressing up and performing.

Then one fine day her parents stopped showing up for her shows. Her grandmother was taken seriously ill and her parents could not leave her alone. Though Tara was given freedom to pursue what she liked they could not be present along side with her.

Tara continued dancing, mixed emotions consumed her during the shows. There was joy as she danced but there was sadness as her most nearest people were not able to see her. As the days rolled by her grandmother’s health deteriorated further, she was diagnosed with cancer.

Her parents got so busy with managing and arranging finances that nobody noticed Tara’s world shrinking. She had cut off from her friends, as her parents were too busy to ferry her back and forth to their birthday parties. She had started making excuses for not attending dancing lessons, which her mother put down to plain laziness.

In effect Tara was drying up, she had managed to find a hole and stay inside. She simply took refuge in studies and just put in all her efforts.

The efforts did pay, as she became a lawyer in the long run, but leaving dancing had robbed Tara of all the joy in her life.

She had one serious relationship however she got out of it the minute she was required to commit. She had lost her first love and commitments were not easy to come by for her.

So there today Tara was all successful and bright, however what nobody knew was that she often took anti-depressant pills to keep up her flagging spirit. She was perennially sad deep within.

Childhood experiences are the strongest in one’s life and some leave a deep impact altering one’s personality completely.


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