and we soaked!

To begin with i was not an Indiblogger, my better half was! So there i was attending the meet along with him, i took it as our ‘me’ time. Since after having kids we hardly got to be by ourselves so this was just a good outing in my mind.

We reached the venue ‘Capitol Hotel’ just in time. We grabbed front row seats as those were the only ones left and the host was asking us to come forward and occupy them. I was a bit reluctant as i was not exactly sure what i was doing there after all!

The fun began then, every Indiblogger was asked to identify themselves, say a few words about their blog and reveal a secret. People had fun things to say and some were not sure too, i was quite amused since these were the very same people writing words by the dozen, so creative yet when it came to talking, so unsure. Writers are a little reclusive i might conclude. Some said really hilarious things which had all of us double up with laughter. I remember a gentleman saying that his parents did not know he was a batman, some lady saying that her parents were completely unaware that a genius was living in their midst, etc.

This was an extremely fun session, and like a painting on a canvas i could see different strokes of writing, all under one roof. Then it was my better half’s turn he also revealed that most of his protagonists in his write-ups were inspired by me. I was quite impressed, wow! i must say i have a colorful personality because his writings had all shades of grey, black and white.

The chatter ended to be followed by games. Groups were formed and each group was given a t-shirt of a different color. Ours were blue, what followed was disappointing and yes it was fun to be a part of such laughter and frolic. Even though i did not win, my husband’s team won and there we had a Samsung DVD player for ourselves.

What followed next was a tea break. I was quite hungry and so was he. The spread was nice and sumptuous. There were sandwiches, pastries, some snacks and of course tea and coffee. In between grabbing a bite i had a chance to chat up with two bloggers. I kind of liked what they had said during the introduction session. The conversations were funny and informative and for a change i was not talking about children, family, daily grind et all. I loved what they had to say and one of them indeed made me realize my forgotten dream of writing away to glory.

Tea break over we all trudged back to the hall, smiling faces, full stomach maybe droopy eyes too! Then it was the last phase as Mr. Girish held a session on Surf Excel Matic. It was a funny session, with vibrating molecules all around, and i had great fun as we managed to win a gift hamper full of Dove and Lakme products and a bean bag from there. We had to answer questions about Surf Excel matic washing powder.

All in all it was an eventful meet. The ambiance was great, the conversations were funny, the food was yummy and last but not the least i got back my confidence to pursue my writing. I finally became an Indiblogger myself! Hip, hip, hurray!


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