The last few minutes

Yes the cab has arrived! Yes i have packed all my stuff! Yes i have my emergency kit in my hand bag! The hugs are going on and the good-byes are underway. Yet there are some jitters, what is it?

It is that time of that year when i usually take a break and head off to my parents’ place.

It is that part of the visit when my vacation is over and i have to say good-bye, back to the grind!

I hate this part.

I hate saying good-byes and see-you-soons.

It feels sad and strange, it feels orphaned too!

But i know i will visit them soon , again after a year and the days fly by.

However i manage to keep my composure, breaking down seems so easy and silly too! Since its been years i have left my parent’s home. Also i have my own kids to think of, already teary eyed and sad.

Leaving that house means i am on my own again with nobody to give me advise, even the unsolicited, unselfish types!

Oh! Those seem irritating at times but even then i miss them.

I have very little time now as we head off now to catch our flight back home.

So ciao friends catch you on the other side of my world!


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