My world

Little Dev was lost. No! he was sitting in his classroom and listening to the rhymes but he was just not there. He felt like going home, home where Dhruv was . Dhruv did not attend school , he was down with a viral fever. So mommy had insisted Dev go to school and have a fine time and Dhruv needed to rest. Dev was unhappy but papa gave him a task, he had to go to school to tell his teacher that Dhruv was unwell!

There was Dev, he got ready, ate his snack and walked with papa to reach his bus stop. He looked around to see two of his closest friends were missing! Everybody had the viral. What is wrong? Dev’s little mind could not analyze and he wished that papa would just take him back home.

The bus came and Dev sat next to a senior girl and went forlornly to school.

The day seemed long and Dev felt dull and sleepy. His classmate ‘Khyati’ tried to be friendly and offered to have breakfast with him. But Dev was missing Dhruv and their closest friend Adi. The teacher tried to cheer him up but to no avail he just wasn’t in the mood to participate in any activity in class. The cake and apple in his snack box failed to entice him but knowing mommy would get angry Dev just had the apple.

School over Dev boarded the school bus to go back home. In the bus one other boy was celebrating his birthday by distributing candies. Dev too, got one. He opened the wrapper and quickly had his share, mommy had warned him against having too many candies.  But he couldn’t resist it and the sad part was it didn’t lift his mood either. The sleepy feeling just wouldn’t go away.

His stop came and there was mommy to receive him along with Dhruv. Dev’s heart leapt. “Mommy i’m back home!’ said little Dev and hugged her tightly with his small arms. He got down quickly to tell Dhruv, his twin brother all about his day. He made up stories of an exciting day and Dhruv was all rapt in attention listening to them. Soon the trio reached home and mommy fed him his lunch amidst constant chattering.

Then it was time to go for an afternoon nap, while listening to one of mommy’s lullaby and holding on to Dhruv’s hand, Dev fell asleep. He was happy, at last the grey clouds had lifted and he was glad to be with Dhruv and mommy. After all what else could a three year old want? Simple world and simple needs.


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