A tiny love story

Toby loved to trek. On one of his far-flung journeys he met Emily. Emily owned a small cafe there. Toby loved the tea and cookies and during his two day stay visited the cafe four times. Toby did not like Emily, she was distant and spoke little.

The hills beckoned Toby so much he finally gave up his job as a manager in a firm, to settle down in one of these remote locations. He bought a small piece of land with his savings and decided to open a teeny store  selling handmade goods. All the goods were made by Toby , he was very creative and the pricing too was reasonable. Tourists frequented his store and he made good money during the season.

One day a woman walked in and was browsing along. Toby thought she looked familiar. However, she made a few purchases and after gathering some local information left the store. She was striking and talked well. Toby was quite fascinated. After that day they bumped into each other often. They had conversations and coffee. Finally one day she invited him over to her place for tea. Toby went, and after the snacks she got him the tea. One sip and it sent Toby back to Emily’s cafe. He was completely taken by surprise as that memory was quite powerful.

On probing further he learned that the lady whom he had been spending his time with was indeed Emily. Wow! what happened? Where did your glasses go Emily? Thoughts assailed him. Emily however had recognized him the instant she met him. She was a victim of an abusive marriage, but a car accident had killed her husband. With his death she chose to close the cafe and start a new life elsewhere.

By then Toby was in love with Emily. However she was still unsure, she liked his company but her past haunted her and she wanted to tread carefully. Toby was more than willing to wait.

So they waited as patiently as milk boiling on a stove, he did not want to frighten her and she did not want to get burnt again.

After several more dates, and tea, and time together, Emily one day did express her love for Toby.

So there it was, love at second sight !


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