She had a dream of love. Of a strong man for whom she was the world. Who would pamper her, protect her and encourage her. In short of that perfect man who would nurture her. Now that’s elusive as finding a dinosaur in this age. However he’s still there in bits and pieces in her eyes.

Like that day in the gas station, she got down from the motorcycle, shivering from the cold wind. He handed her his jacket, the one he was wearing. Love shone and yes that perfect man was there.

Another day in the children’s park. He came back early from work, rushed to where his wife was and hugged her tight. They kept walking hand in hand oblivious to the surrounding, their little girl skipping behind them.

The perfect man flashes in and out of her life, envious is what it makes her feel because she was lonely. She felt sad, her perfect man has disappeared.



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