Ah! Melbourne

Travel, of course! I love to travel. I love the mountains and the seas and the forests and cities. Traveling to some new place always excites me and is an all time high. So now i want to visit Melbourne. Why Melbourne? Well apart from the fact that there is a contest and my mind has been saying ‘Its your time to visit Melbourne NOW!’. Here goes the list, in random order.

a. Australia tops as one of the most favored destination list.

b.There will finally be a stamp on my  passport, which has been recently renewed.

c. A very good friend resides there.

d. Last but not the least i really want to win this contest.

It was like six years ago, when a very good friend of mine moved to Melbourne. Then what followed was a daily chat session where she described her daily life. Her new job, great people at the workplace, cleaner and less crowded surroundings and her taking the tram to commute back and forth. I painted a picture and tallied them with the images she posted on social networking sites. I wanted to be there. I wanted to experience what it was to live in this city. I wanted to visit the cricket ground , the markets where she shops (she claims these are from lanes),  the pub she visits, the sea front whose picture she keeps posting. In short i want to experience the sights and sounds of Melbourne so that next time we chat i know exactly what she’s talking about.

So other than bringing back very strong memories of visiting my friend in Melbourne and sharing her life for a few moments i do have other things too.

I want to be a foreigner in a country, look at it from the outside and get a cultural feel. I love the Australian cricket team, so of course i do want to take a look at the country they reside in.

Melbourne is also known as a meeting point of sports, cultural and foodie events.

The numerous cricket matches , tennis courts are imprinted in my mind i want to see these places first hand and next time i view it on telly i can shout and say ‘Yay i have been there!’.

Another major motivation to visit Melbourne is the Master chef competitions going on in Star World. The Australian edition showcases some great chefs and some great restaurants. Many have Michelin Stars, i want to try those places and taste their food and maybe meet the hosts too!

In short the memories i carry back would encompass some great moments with my dear friend, visits to the high level sporting grounds and a trip to taste those mouth-watering food at some Michelin restaurants.

(All images have been sourced from Google)



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