On the move

My favorite pastime when i’m on the road is to watch people. Its always been there, i go to a restaurant and look around to see people enjoying their food, their expressions and quirkiness. This habit of mine has led to a lot of reprimand from my mother. So, nevertheless i continue to observe people albeit now  with a little more restraint.

My current crop of people who i love to scrutinize are the couples.

On a sunny afternoon as i sit on the passenger seat of a car i notice many of them.

And like leaves they come in various hues.

So these are my observations.

So there was this couple having panipuri (a famous Indian snack) at a roadside stall. As they await their turn i notice the girl , all animated and all eyes for this guy, whereas her companion is completely off and is only pretending to listen to her. I could actually hear his mind say ‘ Why did i ever come out on this date? A beer with my guy friends would have been more fun!’…………So sorry i felt, as this relation definitely in my mind was a nought.


The car whoozzed past and stopped again at a red light. An auto chugs in and i peep to see  voila! another couple in the backseat. There was this girl and guy, holding hands and peering into each other’s eyes as if nothing else existed beyond. So sweet! I was happy that love like that still existed beyond Bollywood of course! The wait increased and as i fumed getting late for an appointment, i peered again and there they were still smiling, still looking, and still perfectly at ease. I want to be in love and NOW, my mind screamed.


Thankfully the light changed to green and i carried on towards to my destination. A few twists and turns later the driver decided he was lost and needed to ask someone the direction. We stop in front of a building as he gets out to ask in the local grocery store. Could not believe my luck as another couple walked out of the building. All smiles as if they were sharing some personal joke or maybe after a nice ‘roll in the hay’ ………i was devilishly having fun.

The driver returned and there we started on our journey again.

Finally i arrived at the appointed place. As i step out , i notice another couple. The girl was wearing a dozen red bangles in both her hands. Newly married aah! …..my mind inferred. As they stood together sipping juice from a single mug, i loved the thought of two new people embarking on a journey, twists and turns and still staying together rock solid!

Life is indeed an interesting phenomenon and enriched truly by the people around us, sometimes even strangers.

Thus ended my very eventful car drive.


4 thoughts on “On the move

  1. The presence of a special person can create wonders in life. It can be a burden at times but usually it gives energy and motives to live a better life. Wishing you the red bangles and some one who can fall into the depth of your eyes for hours.

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