Of sleep and more

Those were the days when all i wanted to do was just go to sleep. Anytime of the day i loved to zzzzzzz. My mother would grow frustrated at my lethargy and nothing she did could make me cut down any less on my precious sleep. The days flew by rapidly and here i stand today.

A mother, a wife and everything else combined my work just never ends. So at the end of the day when i hit the sack all tired and ready to doze off something eludes me …..sleep! Yes, my mind keeps whirring like a machine conjuring up more work and conversations that didn’t happen, of fears that were unfounded. Lord! it seems like i’m on a rechargeable battery. As the whole world slips into a peaceful slumber i remain open eyed and tired. Tossing and turning gets boring and there i sit down to write a blog.

Blogging begins but all i could think of at that unearthly hour was of the days gone by, of happiness and regrets. Procrastination of things i could have done differently, sorrow and loneliness fills me. I forgo that activity.More than anything else i want to go to sleep, to snap shut these ghastly thoughts and slip into oblivion. Oh! Ma why is growing up (ageing maybe) leading to the loss of my best friend!

After a lot of effort i finally manage to doze off into a fitful slumber, when a loud cry wakes me up. My little one was having nightmares and she wanted a pat and a hug to drift off. As i stare at her small face and see her easing back to a peaceful state i can’t help but remember childhood! Those easy days, lazy days and fun days when mom was always around to take care of things and when our mind had not become so convoluted. It was fearless and nonchalant. I look out of the windows and see stars twinkling in the sky, a melody rings in my ear of a lullaby sung long back. A forgotten touch and a forgotten tune finally soothes me as i drift off too into oblivion.


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