Dance baby dance!

So there after a moment of surfing i land up to watch ‘Jhalak Dikhla Ja’ on the Colors channel. Two hot guys were performing, man! they were sizzling on screen combining moves from hip, hop, lock and pop and contemporary. I was riveted, every move was like a rhythm and so in sync. This was the ‘firangi tadka ‘ edition where the show had imported some foreign choreographers.

That entire episode was a feast of several different dance styles samba, rumba, b-boying, hip-hop, lock and pop and bollywood of course!

It was interesting to note how each style was so distinctive with its moves and yet so graceful. The judges termed ‘Rumba’ as the dance of love as the dance depicted passion and one had to evoke such feelings while on the floor with their partner.

Samba is a dance that ushers in the festive mood with a lot of hip swing movements from the dancers. The dancers wore colorful costumes and jived and danced gracefully to the music.

Then of course there was salsa, the current dance rage in India. This dance is always performed with a partner and is improvised in each routine. Generally the partners are exchanged and the music is mostly tropical.

My most favorite form (at the moment) is hip hop. The duo who performed this on Jhalak were two Greek Gods. This is an entirely fun dance where movements are abstract. Originally a  street dance, hip hop dance assimilates all elements of fun and frolic.

What came next was locking and popping. As funny as the name sounds this is quite an unique dance form wherein each part of your body, especially the torso plays an important role. The movement of the muscles is critical for this dance form. This was also another form of street dance. In this show this form was either combined with salsa or hip hop and gave the routine a whole new flavor.



Then there was Bollywood of course! Every Indian identifies with it and at some point in their lives dances it. The whole show was a dance feast, excellent choreography, great moves and some fine elements is what i discovered on that show.

Hats off to you Jhalak Dikhla Ja for bringing to the Indian home such great dance forms.


(All images sourced from Google)


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