Shopping in Paradise

Shopping is always exciting and the festive season, apart from various other connotations also implies a whole lot of shopping. Shopping for clothes always tops the list for me and my association with Shoppers Stop is dear. Dear, because it was the first biggest store which opened up right near my house when i was still in college (which is quite far back in time) and so that was where my being a mall rat all began. I would spend hours at this huge store just browsing through their latest fashion lines, bags, shoes, jewelry, just name it! And now here i am participating in this wonderful contest to put together an ensemble of my choice from my special store! Well if i had a stash of money to splurge, this would be my ultimate shopping experience.

Festival time heralds time for bonding, discovering our culture all over again and just being completely swept with emotions. Festive season implies for me dressing up to the hilt and the aura is such that it is always ethnic wear/ Indian clothes for me at this time of the year.

So there, the following is my ultimate purchase from

to enrich my wardrobe this time of the year.

The first is an ever gorgeous sari. Folks this is my choice.

I cannot steer away from red or its varied shades when it comes to a sari. Red to me symbolizes womanhood, power and makes a strong statement. It also indicates happiness and that’s my state of mind during this season.

Next on the list are the accessories.

The clutch comes next.

This can be found in–Clutches-Hidesign—Clutch-262-316262-8577942.html

Well then of course comes the shoes. When deciding on shoes i always (most of the times!) follow a mantra that my bag and shoes should be coordinated

So people here is my choice.

This pair of awesome shoes can be picked up from—Sandals-262-337522-8116222.html

That sums up my ultimate get up for this festive season.

As for jewelry, well folks i quite like the one the model is wearing with the saree. However i do need to wear a watch on my left hand and that would be this one below.

I am all decked up and ready to go partying! Anyone coming??


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