After Effects of Movies

Watching a movie is always a great form of entertainment. Going for movies is a treat by itself. However after having kids people like me seldom step out to catch a movie in a theater instead wind up on my couch to watch it on the computer or the telly. Its easy that way, kids are comfortably at home and I do not have to get suitably dressed tagging the kids along.

However there are severe after effects of watching movies at home. Apart from the umpteenth time i have to get up to answer to various calls of duty, the movie itself can be a cause of real concern.

Now some movies are pretty intense i remember watching ‘Heroine’ on the computer and the next thing i do after the completion of the movie is to feel like the character myself. The character suffers from various emotional and psychological issues, one wrong word from my better half there i was lighting up like a fire cracker. I’m very sure if i had been watching the same movie in a theater i would have got time to assimilate and discard unnecessary information. The mind i believe takes some time to switch off and on and in the house that time if not adequately provided causes unprecedented behavior. Foolish you might wonder!

However the bright spot is happy movies causes happy behavior. Watching ‘English Vinglish’ was a real treat, the movie was light, completely entertaining and had great performances by the cast itself. The setting was US of A and nothing could be more visually appealing. After watching the movie i was so in high spirits that i remember breaking into a song and dance routine with my tiny tots. It felt awesome!

By and large my experiences have taught me that while watching movies at home the kind of movie and the timing is very important. To prevent volcanoes and tornadoes inside the house a light-hearted  movie is always welcome and its better to watch intense movies alone, when nobody, especially the spouse is away.


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