A hanging tune……

A foggy, chilly morning. A usual, relentless workout at the gym as the instructor pushed us to the limits. A pause and a change of workout regime and a change in the background track. My  whole body washed over with a distant thought, some pleasant change of mood. The track being played was ‘Shattered Dreams’ by Johnny Hates Jazz. The tune was, as if suspended in air, time froze as my mind wandered over to a very hot, sultry afternoon.

It was a regular, hot, Sunday afternoon. The radio was my favorite companion as Sunday afternoons implied a feast of popular English numbers, those were not FM days. That day it was post lunch as i lazed around reading a book. The phone trilled in the background and i got up to answer it. On the other end was my bosom friend from college calling up for some general chit chat. College days implied studies but the ‘in’ thing was possessing a boyfriend and i had none and my friend had one so she had a ‘happening’ life. After listening to interesting details i hanged up to retreat to my music corner.

Then came the number ‘Shattered Dreams’ and as the music played on all i did was feel sorry for myself as i had no boyfriend. The phone rang again and i got up to answer it expecting my usual list of girlfriends. I said ‘Hello’ and waited expecting a girls voice, what followed was a very deep hello. ‘Who’s this?’……completely taken aback, ‘Hey i’m A…you’re friend’s brother’……What?!! The brother i admired from a distance but never got the guts to strike a conversation, completely tongue-tied i replied ‘Hmm……what do you want?’ and it came out all completely wrong. He replied ‘Sorry i did not mean to disturb you…….my sister is down with fever and she requests the lecture notes. Could you possibly?’ Oh! he was just calling for some silly notes, what was i expecting a call for a date??!! <Silly, silly me>

‘Sure, i will drop them to her on the way back from college tomorrow.’…I replied.

‘ No, i will pick them up or how about we meet outside your college, you can hand them over to me?’……….he replied.

Was he asking me out? Or is it just brotherly concern? Whatever it was, my heart did a flip flop and i readily agreed and well finally i could at least talk to the boy i was admiring for a while.

The track ‘Shattered Dreams’ played melodiously this time in my head and well it signified my first date. Just plain , simple fun with no connotations attached.

Back to the present. For a whole minute i became that silly, naive girl again bringing back memories of a very interesting, happy afternoon, my growing-up years. The instructor hollered in the background and a rigorous workout transformed to bunch of sweet memories of happy days, carefree days and days when i dreamed, dreamed the impossible too!


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