Inside the walls

Myrah yearned for a house of her own. After spending a lifetime in rented accommodations, she desired to have a place of her own.

Leafing through the weekly property supplements that arrived with the daily newspaper she would visualize her house done up with similar interiors. Myrah would spend her time browsing through furniture and lifestyle stores.

Then the day arrived when Myrah was finally able to buy a house of her own. It was all that she wanted but on a smaller scale. Myrah had a large family. However she was very happy and within her limited budget she did up her new place.

After a big housewarming party Myrah and her family moved in. Days flew by and soon it was 5 years since she had moved into her own house. The house was inside a big gated community and she could get all her basic household goods without stepping outside the community. With a large family to look after she hardly had the time to step out.

After the housewarming party, Myrah and her family had never celebrated that special day but Myrah always remembered it and never missed to do something special on that day.

So the fifth anniversary was approaching and Myrah was keen to celebrate it in style with her entire family. She made grand plans and conveyed the same to her family, her children were excited and everyone eagerly awaited that day.

The day dawned bright and clear and being a weekday everybody went their own way, office and school. The dinner was planned at a famous restaurant and the timing was such that it was expected that everyone would be at home by then.

In the evening everybody got into their best and nicest clothes to celebrate the day. The dinner was scheduled at 8 in the evening. All ready, Myrah and her children awaited the return of her husband. The clock ticked away and there was no sign of him. Finally Myrah called up and after a few tries when she got through, all she received was that he was tied up in meetings and had clearly forgotten about the dinner.

Frustration flickered past Myrah’s face as she realized that not only was dinner cancelled, she also had to face her children who were still unaware.

Her memory raced past to a previous event. She was newly married and had got out from her office one day to find her husband parked outside the building holding a big bouquet of flowers and balancing a cake in his other hand. She was overwhelmed. Those days they lived in a dreary, rented apartment, had no car but yes had lots of time for each other.

The house came with its price. The price was their time with each other. The price was a list of cancelled family outings.The price was the children’s disappointment, for the moment. However the biggest price was loneliness, confined within the walls of the house.

Myrah recalled words of wisdom said many years ago by her husband as she had hankered for a house of her own ‘Everything comes for a price, there are no free lunches, baby!’


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