I am a Girl!

I live in India!One of the biggest democracies of the world, a cultural melting pot and a country bursting with population. I am educated and financially independent. However i am a woman! Now, you may wonder what is the need to state that?

India as of today stands to be one of the most unsafe places for the girl, child or woman. The current sex ratio pegs 940 girls to every 1000 boys. The crime bureau states that among all the crimes happening in the country, violent crimes against women is on the rise.

Grim, wouldn’t you agree. But who cares? No one, we pay taxes, elect our leaders, choose to educate ourselves, make ourselves financially independent, contribute to the society but our safety is not of any importance to anyone, people in power or the society at large.

The thinking of the masses, the media and people all around you evoke the need for the girl to be ‘settled’ and by that it means to ‘get married’. people believe that is the only way to ensure security of the girl. What is the substance behind it? There you have got a man, a bodyguard to take care of you 24 by 7. You have also become someone else’s sex object so you’re not available. Wow!


Interesting don’t you think, that a woman does not even have the right to decide when she should get married? We girls i believe, have all passed through the stages when nosy neighbors and over powering relatives constantly prod to know the ‘date for your marriage’.

As rape cases, eve-teasing, domestic violence does not abate we the girls live in constant fear.

The television channels these days are replete with crime series whether it’s ‘Crime Patrol’ on Sony or ‘ India fights back’ on Life Ok or ‘Shaitaan-the criminal mind’ on Colors. The episodes , and i have not watched a lot, but whichever i see is mostly crime perpetrated towards a girl.

Today as a mother of another girl, i fear for her safety, i fear for her future in this country. I do not want her to be forced to make a decision because we could not ensure her modesty and her freedom, in every sense.

We are fighting garbage issues, lokpal bill and everything under the sun i guess the battle to ensure the safety of the girl is now in our hands.

Come on girls let us be strong, and fight back as nobody there is going to guarantee you the basic choice of life ……the choice to be YOU.


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