Some Mistakes that…

On a Saturday afternoon, kids are asleep(finally!), better half is resting and woohoo! i am finally free to do my stuff. That’s where it all started, my stuff always means read a book or watch a movie or snooze. Strictly in that order. So there i want to read a book, the hunt begins in my house and i finally get my hand on this book ‘Mistakes like Love and Sex’ by an Indian author Madhuri Banerjee.


The book cover is pretty enticing and promises all kinds of things inside. Well truly speaking the first two pages is all that…sex. It is pretty graphic and not all that enamoring.

However braving those i read on hoping that there is a story or some interesting character within the pages. The story is a slow start and is all about this woman called Kaveri. Kaveri is in her thirties and is looking for that one relationship which would anchor her and give her a direction in her life.

In the process of finding that love she encounters many men, the story is all about her relationships with these men. Thankfully (detailed) love-making scenes are limited and the story progresses well. The character is woven in such a manner that all woman in their thirties would probably relate to her experiences, joys and difficulties at some level. The dialogues are witty at times and we, the womenfolk would have heard certain punch lines at some point in our lives.

So Kaveri is unsure of her career path, unsure of the men in her lives, and is under pressure from within and without to settle down. Her journey starts from Barcelona, stays stationed in Mumbai and at some points travels to Bangalore.

The synopsis given at the back of the book more or less tells the entire story so there is not much element of discovery in the plot. However the story is lucid, free-flowing and at times funny.

I won’t say the book is gripping it is however an easy read and is a good entertainer. The characters have their specific traits but all are kith and kin to the Bollywood world. The best part of the book is that it is more or less like a narration and does not create characters to judge the protagonist and her actions. However at times the mistakes that Kaveri indulges in, seems quite senseless considering her experiences and her maturity level. Like making out with an acclaimed actor and then going and blabbering that to his co-star. I think the author should not take the reader to be so shallow.

So there enough said, if you want some quiet, inexpensive, entertainment grab a copy of this book and relax on your couch.


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