Reflections of a chaotic mind

We, human beings are social animals. By social it generally implies that we abhor solitary living and like to be in the company of other fellow human beings. So, in this aspect we celebrate festivals, birthdays and other important events by inviting our friends and family. The more the merrier it seems.

However recently i have experienced a feeling of forced solitarydom (if i may use a word like that!). I have a social circle, a list of events that i attend or i call upon my friends and family to attend some of mine. I have a family who keeps me on my toes, a job which keeps my mind alert. In all this chaos i still feel lonely. This kind of loneliness might be faced by many people i presume. Lonely stems from the very fact that there is no one really that i can open my mind and heart to. There is no one really to whom i can blabber out my thoughts and feelings aloud. All this without the other person judging or forming opinions about me. How many of us are that lucky that they have this one person in their life who is there just to listen and hear rather than be heard and judged upon.

On the contrary i do not have a single person who come to me just for me to sit down and hear out their thoughts. Hmm! I guess i have to try to be this person to have someone like that in my social sphere. Is everything two-sided in this world?

How many people whom we interact with our truly deserving to be called our real friends? How many of them can really take us for the person we really are not the ones we pretend to be? Such hypocrites we human beings are, we want a social life yet we choose to mask it with a false personality.

So much for us being social animals or can we say social sycophants!

After such reflections i decide my forced solitarydom is good, at least it teaches me self-control at not allowing my tongue to wag at the slightest provocation.



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