Happy birthday darlings!

Time stood still 4 years ago when i became a mommy! A mother is born when her baby is born so goes an oft quoted saying and this is hundred percent correct. It was a double bonanza  as God gifted me with not one but two little beautiful girls.

This wasn’t my first thought when i cradled my girls for the first time. I was petrified with a capital P, i looked at their small pink faces, pointy hair and crinkled skin and i was mortified. How on earth am i supposed to take care of these two fragile beings? So helpless, so weak. All they had, was me to depend on, for life to happen to them. That was a very very powerful thought and for the first time the reckless me started taking a back seat. However me being me cannot altogether change myself in a day, so there I was clutching my head in pain as my little ones shouted, howled and just created a ruckus all day long. I wanted them to stop, i wanted them to give me some space and mentally i fought with them all day long. Sleep became a cherished gift and quiet moments were blessing in disguise. It took me one complete year to transform into a mother, one complete year to make peace with my babies, one complete year to suppress my wild demons.

My little girls slowly grew up, grew more attached, grew more precious. Love was like a liquid flowing whenever i am with them. Never known such unadulterated , pure, selfless love as i felt for them and understood for the first time how much our parents actually feel for us.

With each birthday the mother in me became more alive, more vibrant and so each birthday became more special and more precious.

So we celebrated their fourth birthday. It was planned and executed all within a time frame of 2 weeks.

The cake had to be special and symbolized my feeling for them, so it was a pink cake with 2 fairies sitting in a garden.


Next came the cupackes, it was pink too !


Pink was the theme colour and my girls loved it.

A storyteller/ puppeteer was called forth to enthrall my little one and their friends with a story.


It was a major hit and the highlight was when papa turned a tatoo artist and had everyone scrambling for one on their wrist.


In all their fourth birthday was a grand affair and a party thoroughly enjoyed by my dolls and their friends.

Wishing for more celebrations of this kind in the years to come!

Happy Fourth Birthday my lovely fairies.


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