Braiding my thoughts

‘Beautiful, bouncy, thick hair…………..every man wants that in her wife.’ was my granny’s favorite sentence. My 8 year old mind couldn’t decide on the relevance much and dismissed it as ramblings of an ancient mind. My grandmother was the official custodian of my hair. My mother had finally permitted me to grow my hair long. So there i was sitting on the floor on a very hot, summer afternoon as my grandmother tamed my hair into neat, long braids.

Braids are like synonymous to ‘Grandma’s love’ for me. She knew how to braid in five different ways.

I did not like anyone of the braids as that meant sitting still for minutes as she carefully combed, parted and braided my hair. Nothing short of perfect was good for her.Under her loving care and regular nourishment my hair grew long and thick  and was my pride. I went to sleep with my hair in braids, i went to school with my hair in braids, i went to play with my hair in braids. Braids, my grandmother and my childhood are all rolled into one.

Then life happened, exams, stress, career, job and the rest in subsequent order. In all this my hair ran out the test of time, it started falling, started looking dull and was officially neglected.

It was around this time , my granny by then was very old and ailing, that I had gone to visit her. After our initial conversation, she took a good look at me and in her thin hands took my hair, “Get the pot of coconut oil dear, let me apply it on your hair.’ That was the last time she oiled, combed and braided my hair. Today she is no more and tears roll down my eyes each time i see the mirror and see the shadows of a once beautiful, bouncy, long, think hair i possessed. With my granny’s demise has gone my good hair days.

However i finally discovered ‘Dove’ and applying it made some difference to my hair. The shampoo, helped my hair shine and my split ends disappeared completely. Thank you Dove!

Dove Split End Rescue Shampoo

Though i definitely cannot get my granny back, but whenever i shampoo and see my hair shine my heart lifts and I remember her smiling and gently touching my hair. Looking forward to braiding again soon with Dove.


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