Clips and hairbands

Teaching our children to voice their opinion is something and teaching them to exercise their freedom of choice is another thing. I am not too comfortable with the first one but i’m all ready to start teaching the second one to my daughter, all of four years old.

My lessons began with hair clips and hair bands. Each day as i dress my little one i allow her to pick one hair clip from the box. So one day she wears purple clips with a yellow dress and on another day she decided to wear a green clip with a blue frock. Finally i asked her one day ‘ Why did you choose a green clip? wouldn’t a blue clip look good with a blue frock?’ She sagely answered ‘ Mamma i want to look like a garden.’ and on another day she replied ‘ Mamma i want to look like a rainbow’.

Uninhibited freedom to exercise their choice is a gift that i want to give my girl. Yes! i know this is short lived as she grows up and seeks approval of her peers and elders in her social scheme of things.

However today she is free, free to do what her heart desires, free from all social trappings. Ah! childhood it is the sweetest and the best.

Childhood is measured out by sounds and smells and sights, before the dark hour of reason grows.


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