An Ode to my precious little one

There was a girl called sweet Michu.

She loved to play and giggle all through.

She would hop to school in the morning, ahead

but sulk and frown in front of the gate.

“I don’t want to go to school today,

I just want to sit at home and play.”

“Oh! Dear”, said mom “School is only for a wee time,

I promise sweets i will come back soon and all will be fine.”

She managed to give mommy a smile,

but could not be consoled till she saw her friend Skye.

Her face broke into a smile ,

as Skye came forward to stand behind her in the line.

She smiled and grinned and all was fine,

and waved to her mommy all the time.

“Oh ! mommy stay with me please “, she said

“I will be right here”, said mommy until you are not afraid.


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