I asked her ‘Did you leave the jacket on the floor?’

She answered, ‘Because…………

I asked her ‘Why didn’t you finish your lunch today?’

She answered, ‘Because……..

I asked her ‘Why are you crying ?’

She answered, ‘ Because……

Well, that’s how i get most of my answers out from the mouth of my 4 year old girl. She thinks, she ruminates and she understands the power of ‘Because’. That word also lets her imagination fly and she does have a vivid imagination.

As an insight, there are red cats and orange ladybirds in her world.

That word she realized doesn’t make her answers entirely black or white but gives them shades of grey. English has greatly contributed to give her space in her thoughts and her answers. However if i answer with a ‘because’ she gets terribly irritated as she knows she never gets the black and white answer she’s looking for.

Two can’t play the same game because……………………..


2 thoughts on “Because

  1. Haha..that is so sweet πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

    I have a little 3 year old niece who told me she was ‘tense’ , when I asked her what ‘tense’ means she said she had no idea ! πŸ˜›

    • Thanks.
      Yes they are funny with their word usage. Another latest one is ‘I’m bored’, which she interprets as “We have to go out and play now or watch TV.” This phase mostly strikes when she is going to bed.

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