And here i am……

The word was out, finally we have to leave our nest. Nest as in home, as in where our roots have been plunged deep, as in where our parents stay, as in everything we are familiar with since our birth.

I had yearned for a while, fresh out of college, to leave the shores of my birth country and set sail much like Magellan across shores and see a different world. But with age came responsibilities and duties and my yearnings got buried under mounds of daily chores and rituals.

So, when finally the bell rang out for us to leave i was more anguished than ecstatic. Somewhere from within, the deeply buried wishes started peaking off and on, my moods started altering.

The weeks that preceded this epic transfer was filled with shopping, packing and finishing official work, procuring necessary papers and closing one chapter of my life in my native shores. It was hectic, mad and annoying. However they rolled past and the day of our departure drew near. With bags packed, papers in order and nerves taut we finally left home for unknown shores. Bye ma, baba and everyone else i know or don’t know, everyone who formed the mesh of this known society.

The connecting flight got delayed by more than 5 hours and the airport became a mini city. It was a cultural melting pot, as there were people from all kinds of ethnic group in transit. So there i spotted a petite lady in a rather fashionable getup and there were some quirky dressers too.

After a lot of airport sightseeing it was time to take the flight to our destination. A short flight of a little more than an hour landed us at the tiny airport of Edinburgh. My clock showed 9.30 pm but the sky was awash with sunlight. A different time zone and a different climate zone as well. It was rather confusing, as our minds were too tired to comprehend. We were dead tired and too exhausted.

After the long journey of more than 24 hours across different time zones, we crashed into our bed in a travel lodge. When we awoke the next morning it was to the sound of a fire alarm, which meant we had to step out of our room in whichever condition we were in. Half awake we stumbled out into a feeble sunlight and a chilly climate. A little later we were allowed back in, we took turns in a shower followed by an English breakfast. It was a strange feeling and we were feeling completely lost. A day passed by walking around the city center.

Without getting into much details the following day we got the keys to our home and stepped in to begin a new life in a new country. Hoping for happier moments and great memories.


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