Quote. Unquote.

My daughter Mithai is one chirpy soul. She loves to talk and talk whole day. She even talks in her sleep. From the moment she wakes up till the time she goes to sleep she has loads to say, so much that she doesn’t have the time to listen, that’s exactly what she said. She is all of 4 years old , going to be 5 soon and i can’t help but note some of her priceless ramblings for later years, for both of us to laugh together.

a) Mithai badly wants to visit her neighbor Mairi, as she has promised her a craft activity. The neighbor is out. Mithai patiently hangs around the window waiting for her return. The taxi pulls up and Mairi returns. Promptly Mithai dashes out to greet her and reminds her about the promised activity. Mairi replies that could she visit her in 5 minutes as she has just returned and needs to arrange the items first. MIthai replies “But of course! You can have your 10 minutes of peace before i come in and we can do the craft work.”

b)Its time for the winter holidays to end and SCHOOL is opening shortly. Mithai wakes up in the middle of the night. Mamma tells her “Go back to sleep its not morning yet! You have to go to school tomorrow.” To which Mithai replies, ” But Mamma school is not one of my favorite place, can we just go to school for one day?”.

c)Mithai wants to see television but mamma refuses. Finally when mamma is busy in the kitchen Mithai enters to cut a deal. Mamma tells her ” Mithai please go and play i want to do my cooking peacefully.” Mithai says,” Mamma why don’t you put the television on, when the TV is on kids are automatically quiet and you will get your peace, aren’t i right mamma!”

d) Mithai is not yet 5 but she desperately wants to be. Her close friend Sahana turned 5. Mithai is all in tears but still wants to wish her. “Sahana i’m sad we were supposed to grow up together. Why did you turn 5 before me? Now that you have turned 5 just wait for me there and when i turn 5 we can grow up together. Ok. Promise.”

e)Mithai is watching some of Mamma’s wedding pictures, after the initial likes and approvals she notices that she is not in either of the pictures. In a very surprised manner she asks Mamma, ” How come you left me alone in the house and went and got married to papa?”.

I could go on listing and the list is endless. I love her chatter and its truly like a rainbow on a gloomy day. Mithai lives in her world of her own. She is my fiction, a daily dose of laughter and loads of fun.


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