A happy ending

Of spaces and paces.

Of distance in the mind.

Of the hundred mental blocks.

Of the egotistical kind.

We are bound in our thoughts in the societal demands,

in the many twisted ways that is an adult find.

The child in me strives hard to break free

to step out and reach the many hands i see.

Are they for real, will they stay

or they are a forgotten memory which has come here to play.

I wish for a spring full of unbridled joy, of giving and receiving

of the most profound kind, of being carefree and happy and feeling like a king,

and humming a tune ting-aling-ling.

Some days it seems like i have spent a lifetime away from being a child. Those days tug at my heart and when i see a wee one playing i yearn to be a child again and experience the simple joys of life as only a child can. Life can be toiling and stressing at times and everyday chores can simply erase the act of being gleeful and sharing a giggle with oneself. This short verse is a reminder of sorts to let not life overtake the happy child in my heart.

So cheers to all things happy and simple!


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