It’s been a while since i blogged. The reasons pretty common place, too busy a life, not able to sit and articulate thoughts etc. However not blogging always made me feel a bit incomplete like not wearing socks on your feet, sometimes necessary but not always so. Next issue i need to tackle is what should i write? There are many thoughts like bees swarming inside my head and being the parent that i am it always gravitates towards my children.

Little M’s as i fondly would like to address them have stopped using their mother tongue altogether, they always speak in English and even play chatter in English. I find this a bit frustrating at times as even though i fluently read, write and understand English i still love the sound of my mother tongue, it is a comfort zone. It is a language that has some funny words which cannot be found in the English language.

Sometimes to express my exact thoughts i need my mother tongue, as it states inexcusably the correct feeling. The exact connotation i mean. So sometimes these days i chatter to myself and Little M’s stare at their mum in surprise!

Note though that they completely understand the spoken version as i adamantly keep talking top them in that language.

So now they have their own concoction of a language, with a sentence all jumbled with words from two different languages. What bothers me is how do i strike a balance and make them speak one language completely in a sentence without referring to the other? This is especially tough in the surrounding that they are in , as nobody speaks their mother tongue.

Any ideas friends!




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