Buzz my friend

Buzz lived in a beautiful home surrounded by green plants, sweet smelling flowers and kind souls. He loved to get up each day and looked forward to discovering the many surprises life had to offer him. Buzz lived with his mother and his brothers. It was a happy life, full of excitement and fun. Food was never a problem and they always had enough to eat each day. The most exciting part of Buzz’s everyday life was when the school lunch bell rang, it meant that Buzz would be surrounded by friends, playing with them and having a good time. He had three very good friends who played with him everyday, they played hide n seek and chase. It was happy times in Buzz’s life.

Then a day dawned it was not the best of the days, the sun had disappeared and the wind was strong, there was a chill in the air. Buzz did not like the weather one bit. The day went by slowly until it was time for lunch again. As the bell rang, Buzz went to meet his friends, they always played in the wooded area of the garden, it was cosy and secluded. As they all gathered a strong wind blew, shaking the bushes and tossing things about. It was messy and difficult however they decided to still play there, it was going fine for a while. Until suddenly a twig broke and the wind blew it , it landed hard on Buzz.

“Buzz!”, shouted his friends.

Buzz lay still, his small body being nudged by the wind , as if to say “Get up!”.

Buzz wouldn’t move and as his friends discovered soon, Buzz had died. His friends picked up his fragile body and kept it safe for a while, as much as a child could.

A few days later as the three friends sat forlornly in the woods, missing Buzz they were surprised to see Buzz’s mother there. Nobody exchanged a word but the friends felt happy to see her and extremely sorry for her. Buzz’s mom had come to pay them a visit as if to say “Thank you for looking after my son even when he was no more!”.

Now this would read like a traumatic story the only saviour being the fact that Buzz was a bee, who my daughter  and two of her classmates, had decided to befriend. Unusual choice one might think but children are that simple and that touched when things go wrong. This story was narrated by her rather sadly. It needed to be retold for us to admire the simple things in life.


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