Cornwall, the tip of the land.

Cornwall is the stuff of English novels and cinema. The high cliffs, beaches and the blue sea. Rugged landscape intermingling with natural beauty. We decided to take a family holiday there. The weather was fantastic and that just added to the drama. Cornwall is right at the tip of United Kingdom. So wherever you go, there are blue waters and high cliffs.


As with all holiday destinations, there are a few key spots, which is always a must visit. Land’s End, Minack Theatre, The Lost Gardens of Heligan are there to name a few. I will not however venture into each of them as already a lot of information is out there. What i endeavour to portray is Cornwall as i experienced it.

We rented a car for easy movement but what we did not expect are those narrow roads where the maximum speed limit is 60 miles per hour. Cut through farms, with tall shrubs on both sides, these roads are everywhere in this part of England, connecting to major roadways, so you cannot escape them. Wide enough to fit one car only, it is a fantastic ride when you are all alone, but then comes a car from the other side and what follows is a test of your driving skill. Having said that, i do have to say that you can actually find your heart singing as you make your way on these roads, uninterrupted.

There is always a beach nearby and we visited 4 altogether. Each shore has a sandy stretch flanked by rugged cliffs, blue waters touching the blue skies at a distance. The water is cold by our standards and so we did find a lot of people in wet suits, kayaking, canoeing or just swimming. Just sitting there on a sunny day, felt so relaxing. Blue waters, I would certainly like to believe calms your mind. On most beaches there would be the odd pub or restaurant serving hot food and drinks. Places are always limited here, so booking in advance is the norm.

We did manage to visit a restaurant called Sam’s On the Beach, quite recommended by fellow travellers. The place didn’t disappoint us, as i tried on fresh scallops and prawns. Yes! it is primarily known for the fresh fish it serves and their fresh pizza.

The major attraction of Cornwall is definitely the cliffs, near Minack theatre we could see the cliffs plunging straight down. The theatre setting is quite dramatic really, an open air theatre, set right next to the seas, on the high cliffs. The seating is on stone steps cut out from the rock surface. As I peer from the sides, there are steep pathways leading right near to the waters, my heart skipped a beat as I did not feel sure footed at all. All around Cornwall there are such interesting walks.


Green grass, tall trees and colourful flowers are everywhere at this time of the year. There are various gardens to explore and they are set in acres and acres of land, housing animals and interesting plants. The gardens are set beautifully, there is a woodland, open fields, some farmland along with orchards or flower beds. Various trails run through them and making your way is an adventure onto itself, there is something to discover at every corner. Trebah gardens, The Lost Gardens of Heligan are such wonderful places.


Staying in a holiday park, gave us the added benefit of simply lazing around instead of having to go out and explore. The park had nice manicured gardens and a club house with recreational amenities. There was also a restaurant near the park.

The whole trip was an effort to unwind and relax and Cornwall didn’t disappoint us in that aspect.


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