The Unexpected

She looked at the mirror, gave a final touch.

Then she was ready for her day.

Her beauty did not lie in her makeup, it was her smile

A slow, wide smile which lit up her whole face.

She looked forward to her day.

She had just given birth to a baby

Today she would be able to take that bundle of delight home.

She was ready, ready in her best possible attire.

Friends and family had poured in steadily for the last few days,

congratulating her and wishing her.

Her room in the hospital was filled with flower bouquets.

Finally it was time, time to go home and fill it with joy!

Her husband was there, his face reflecting happiness and pride.

Family life was about to begin, their own little joyful nest.

She went…..

She returned….

Back to the hospital, this time without the smile.

This time all alone without the baby.

This time with her husband who had confusion written all over his face.

She had lost consciousness, she was barely there!

Doctor’s verdict, she has suffered a stroke.

Long nights, tense moments, fervent prayers.

All happened, all experienced.

Then the day arrived, she was decked out again in her best possible attire.

She was surrounded by family and friends.

She did not have her baby with her.

She did not wear her smile.

She was just there physically, her soul long gone.

Miracles did not happen, though books say they are a reality.

A shock coursed through her entire family.

Darkness, darkness everywhere.

Is God still there? A baby cried in answer!

She lives on through her little one!

His needs are foremost and honest.

The rest as they say, time is the best healer.





14 thoughts on “The Unexpected

  1. One of the worst phases of ones life..having experienced it first hand losing my cousin sister and seeing the family go through the trauma for years and it lives on. Only thing that one can look forward to is seeing the little one happy and make him the happiest prince in the world.

  2. Each word written over here complies all sort of emotions but this line “Is God Still there ? A baby cried in answer” leaves me teary eyed and choked up…. MK u will be missed dear…

  3. She had such a smiling face, mischievous eyes, full of fun and joy …. and every time I see her pic it becomes hard for me to believe that she is gone… may God bless d lil Prince…. RIP my pikachu

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