She stood by the door clutching a bunch of wildflowers in her hand……….her new dress splattered with mud and her face grubby.

She wants to gift them to her most beloved person, she is all of six years old! However she is scared her new dress is spoilt, the only one she got during this festive season, she had strict instructions to look after herself!

Her eyes are a mix of confusion…, sadness but the foremost being rejection!


He loved recitation and even though he was an amateur, he grasped the opportunity to recite verses at events!

He proudly posted his first public performance on the social media. He then checked the site every second, if possible, it had only been 5 minutes since the post was published.

Already his head hurt, his eyes were glazed and his palms were sweaty from continuously holding the tablet. There were no likes yet!

He was disheartened, he shuddered at the prospect of rejection!


She was new to the city, she wanted to make friends. She had met a few people at a social gathering, at the community hub.

After work she would like to catch up for some coffee and meet some people. Hastily she texted a new person, inviting her to join her at the cafe!

A whole hour had passed since that text, she checked her phone frequently! She felt sad and lonely. She did not like being rejected!


Snippets here and snippets there…..

Of all the human emotions that we have, the fear of rejection looms large. It plants itself early on in our lives and grows into a tree by adulthood.

With time however, our ability to be patient with another human being lessens. The onslaught of the internet has severely decreased our span of attention, limited our inability to give ‘TIME’. We quickly feel rejected and unapproved.

Yes! the key is time…….


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2 thoughts on “Rejection

  1. वाह जी क्या बात है …..छोटी छोटी घटनाओं को आधार बना कर आपने क्या खूब समझाया कि असफल रहे ओह ये तो हुआ नहीं , ये नहीं हो पाया के फेर से बाहर आकर मूल मन्त्र ये कि समय कुंजी है यही सन्देश देती हुई सुन्दर सी पोस्ट | बहुत ही प्रेरक और सोचने वाली बढ़िया लेखन , बहुत बहुत शुभकामनायें आपको

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