When Barbie had a Paratha!

Mimi was hungry, she was back from school and it was snack time.

Mom had made some Parathas, Mimi loved it.

After polishing off some, it was time to look at her Barbies!

There were 20 of them, all in various stages of getting ready for a party.

Mimi looked carefully surely ‘Elsa’ and ‘Milly’ looked tired.

After having a brief conversation about their health,

she rushed down to discuss it with mom.

Mom and Mimi discussed at length, on the condition of Elsa and Milly,

they looked tired and dejected, Mimi stated.

The solution Mimi proposed was simple….

‘I think they need to eat some Parathas!’, with a glee in her eyes.

Mom thought that the Parathas were too big for them,

so Mimi suggested that they should be small like a dot on a plate.

So there, mom made the dots duly rolling and frying them.

Mimi carried them upstairs for the very tired Barbies.

After a couple of minutes what followed was a sweet song.

Mom was chuckling to herself.

When  Barbie had a Paratha, what followed was a sweet song!



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