Adjustments galore

The year changes again and here we are in 2017. Time flies I realise, as I see my children grow up, imbibe and change each day. It is not evident obviously but a conversation here and a word there does indicate the winds of change. Amidst all  this here I stand miles away from my country, in a foreign land where I have a home.

It was more than 3 years ago when we decided to step out as a family and experience life abroad. I arrived with confused expectations and with a certain amount of adventure. Living in a new place is always daunting but living in an unknown place, faraway from home knowing no one, is all the more scary. Well, it was not exactly the case with me, I did know one other family.

The place taught me a lot, made me value certain things a lot more. Instilled some other things in me. Kicked in my survival instincts and made me turn inwards for happiness, comfort and peace. Always being surrounded by family and friends till then, did not help me discover myself, my true likes and dislikes. Craving for random people always to fill up the blank spaces in my life, I was rid of it. Having said that it does not indicate that I don’t need my family, quite the opposite, I need them and value them more.

Living abroad does have its perks and its downfalls and I believe a lot has been said about that already. What I wish to  talk about today is the matter of great adjustment. An adjustment, when people here view me and don’t realise that my English is as strong as theirs, maybe in some cases even better, being a non-native English speaker. ‘Non-native!!!’ That word never existed in my vocabulary till now. That adjustment when I apply for jobs in my skill area and meet with rejection every single day. So much, that most people consider switching domains altogether. Adjustment rings in when I am unable to get jokes and participate in a conversation naturally, because I don’t look the part. Adjustment sets in when I have to upgrade myself to fit into a professional role, either by taking a course       (which I have already done) or explore something else.

Well, some may state that these are good adjustments and if I don’t do this I might turn into a dinosaur. I cannot debate about the rights and wrongs I can only tell you about the fact that at this age, with already 10 years of work experience behind me, 2 kids and lots of professional degrees later, this situation is tantamount to climbing a mountain with no end in sight. Now, this is just me, rest of my family are fine. Good schools, good lifestyle ensures my children are doing good. There is a saying ‘there are no free lunches’, so maybe I am paying the cost.

I could go back home, yes that would be fine! But I live in a unit and my own discomfort cannot be the single deciding factor. So, now what?  So, as the year unravels in front of my eyes, I would wait and work towards another ascent. 2017, I wish you to be the year of fulfilment.

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2 thoughts on “Adjustments galore

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