My growing girl, my growing love!

It is dinner time and mom has served dinner, some puri (Indian fried bread) and aloo (potatoes). Yummy! After polishing off her food, Mithu demanded some dessert. “Oh, well! There was some chocolate cake in the fridge. Do you want some?”, asked Ma. ‘I am not into chocolate these days!’ That was the prompt reply from a 7 year old.

Mithu stood in front of the mirror and pulled and brushed her long hair. She wanted a fancy hair-do whereas mom did not. Mom wanted to sort her hair out into bunches. ‘No, I need a top-knot, that makes me look tall and thin!’


The Television is on and Mamma and Mithu are watching some programme on buying and selling of beautiful houses. Mithu is just giving her mom company! (That’s how she puts it).

Mom, “Mithu , when you grow up will you buy your mom a house like that?”

Mithu,”You already have a house and if I  buy you one , how will I buy my own? There will be no money left!”

Mom,”Ok, so can I live with you, when you buy such a house?”

Mithu,”I will buy a one bedroom house, where will you sleep?”

Whoops! Mithu has her future planned. Mom, is sad for a while as Mithu quickly comes over and whispers “If you don’t mind sharing my bed!”

Life with a bubbly, imaginative, carefree girl is so much fun. It is like stepping on rose petals and flying in the air. Her imagination is like a wing to my set, adult mind. Don’t think its all rosy, Mithu can be annoying too! But that’s something I put up with to enjoy the many flights of fancy I take with her.

My growing girl, my growing love!



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