My rainbows turn 8.


In your pink cheeks and wrinkled brows you came to me, fragile and tiny, barely a human. It took me a while darling, yes to realise that I have now become a mother. Motherhood, a mantle, heavy and demanding at that moment, as I went through sleepless phases, battling my body’s urge to rest and recoup. Notwithstanding were your little, necessary demands, food, warmth, sleep, and a hug. Oh! The hug, that made my day, my bright spot. The hug, the trusting look, the cries of happiness, even before you could talk, that made my motherhood not so heavy any more.


Well, you grew and grew, at times I desperately wanted you to stop growing at 4. That age, when cuteness was overloaded, that age when i could still bundle you up and carry you over my back. That age, when your words were still not clear, they sounded amazing though! That age, when you believed without conviction that there was a ghost, fairy and little elves everywhere. So I went along on this magical make believe world, with you both. We spotted fairies in the gardens, elves in the apartment and when night arrived, ghosts were in every dark corner.So, then my house got flooded with stuffed bears, dogs and rabbits. Your comfort creatures, your little imaginary friends. I would sit look at both of you weave tales and play. You would start falling out, tears would flow and hurt would show up in your eyes, but a cuddle, some words of love and both of you would be ready for another play time.


School happened, friends were formed and life got a bit complicated when you discovered that everybody is not good to you, that all were different and you had to get along with all sorts. Your commitments and your interests grew more, and activities piled on. I love the way you dance, you sing and you play the piano. My darlings, life is a menagerie of tasks, some not likeable at all. Strength and determination however will get you through at each stage, and of course coupled with a strong sense of belief, in yourself.


Today my motherhood is like a shawl around me, warm, filled with love and strong. All this comes from you both. You have given me so much, more than I had ever wanted. My life is a rainbow, more so because you choose to spread colours everyday. So, as you turn 8, I celebrate that day when God gave me a sliver of a rainbow to brighten up my world. Happy birthday darlings!



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