An informal do

Weekends are a great source of joy as it means rewinding from a hectic, long week. But the last of couple of weeks have made my weekends hectic too, albeit in a good sort of a way, i have been entertaining.

This coming weekend i am planning to host a small party for a few close relatives who have recently moved into the city. They have small children too!

I will be hosting the party at my home in the living room. To make space for the little ones i would have to push around the furniture a bit towards the wall. This will increase the central carpeted space. To make everyone comfortable i would put some rugs and cushions on the floor to create an informal ambience, along with soft lighting of course! Music is an important element of any party and i plan to put some light instrumental music in the background to make everyone relax as much as possible amidst the cacophony of having small children around.

In all there are going to be around 12 people in this party and it is a manageable number. However there is going to be a lot of preparation involved as i plan to serve a four course meal. Coming to my rescue is none other than the ready to eat meal range from They have a wide range of foodstuffs ranging from main courses to desserts and is very helpful for catering to small parties.


Since this is the summer season and the temperature is soaring, what better way to welcome my guests than  by offering them a glass of some cool drink. This being the mango season, aam panna is the best bet.


Of course we need some starters to whet the appetite. Since the gathering is predominantly of people who prefer non-vegetarian food, on the house would be chicken 65 and french fries, for the kids.


Nibbling over , now is the time for main course.

Main Course

As i mentioned earlier my guest list includes kids hence i plan to have 2 vegetarian dish, 1 non-vegetarian dish along with biriyani and plain roti.

My menu for the day:

Mughlai Paneer

Murgh Methi

Dum aloo (low on spices)

Vegetable Biriyani

Plain roti


Shredded Mango chutney

Salad (Cucumber, Onion , Tomato )


Mughlai Paneer

Murgh Methi

Vegetable Biryani Mix

Shredded Mango Chutney

Lastly of course i need to pamper everyone’s sweet tooth. So here comes the dessert my friends.


For desserts i choose to have the eternal favorite ice cream for kids and adults. To pamper the adults a bit more i choose to have Moong Dal Halwa.

Jodhpuri Moong Dal Halwa

So, there i have laid out all my plans and with Kitchens of India by my side, all i have to do now is to wait for my guests.

Need your blessings!

This is my entry for Kitchens of India contest.


Snap’shots’ of a day

Five little fingers and five little more,

‘Oh! Mummy i don’t want to go.’

Her fingers gripped the hand so tight,

that mummy had to literally fight.

Off to the doctor they went,

and that was the event.

The doctor smiled and the little one frowned,

while mummy managed to make her sit down.

She wiggled and wriggled ready to run,

the nurse was ready with the injection.

‘It won’t hurt a bit”, quipped the nurse,

mummy palpitated and was equally terse.

Little eyes looked from one to the other,

saw mummy squeeze her eyes shut further.

“Its done’…said the doctor,

Oh! What a relief!?

Who seemed more scared ?

Mummy or the kid!

Five little fingers and five little more,

“Come mummy, its over we can go home.”


I feel so lonely and so lost,

as if i am still on a wanderlust.

The roads are long and are full of turns

I wonder where they are heading on!

I have no hands that i can hold

I have no emotions left to unfold.

Life is not what i thought it would be,

I was blind how could i not foresee?

My chains are deep and so very strong,

That one step back and lives could be wronged.

What should i do?

I know not now,

the journey seems arduous and to it i bow.