Mithu was only 9 months old as she sat in her buggy and mummy pushed her around in the shopping mall doing her regular shopping. She loved sitting in her seat and watch the people passing by, she liked to munch on something as she sat in her buggy. Her favorite was a piece of toffee but mummy said it was bad for the tummy. So, instead she had her pacifier on. She loved sucking on that too and it was pink in color. Mithu loved that color.


One day she and mummy entered the shopping center as usual. This time mummy took her straight to the top floor in a lift. Mithu loved the lift, but oh! she hated them when smelly people entered it at the same time. It was one of those days, a big man with a beard got on, he smelt bad and Mithu wailed her heart out. ‘Oh! Dear!’, said mummy and quickly picked her up to give her a cuddle to quieten her. Mithu snuggled her face and wished the man away. The lift stopped and mummy stepped out hurriedly holding Mithu in her arms. There, she felt good again.

Mummy entered a small shop to buy some stationary and parked the buggy next to the window. She placed Mithu inside the buggy. Mithu loved looking at the gifts through the window of the gift shop. She saw a huge teddy bear, a beautiful doll and colorful toy cars and suddenly she saw BINGO.

Now, you must be wondering what does BINGO mean?

Well, you see BINGO is a small, brown ,furry toy dog. Mithu saw Bingo wave to her and asked her to take him with her back home. Mummy had to buy Bingo ofcourse!

So , there Bingo entered Mithu’s house, shares her bed, goes to school with her in her bag and even accompanies her at all times at the dining table.

MIthu is now four and half and Bingo still is her favorite all time companion.

As to all the details narrated in this piece, this whole information was provided by Mithu at her current age and mummy only penned it down.

Happy reading!



I asked her ‘Did you leave the jacket on the floor?’

She answered, ‘Because…………

I asked her ‘Why didn’t you finish your lunch today?’

She answered, ‘Because……..

I asked her ‘Why are you crying ?’

She answered, ‘ Because……

Well, that’s how i get most of my answers out from the mouth of my 4 year old girl. She thinks, she ruminates and she understands the power of ‘Because’. That word also lets her imagination fly and she does have a vivid imagination.

As an insight, there are red cats and orange ladybirds in her world.

That word she realized doesn’t make her answers entirely black or white but gives them shades of grey. English has greatly contributed to give her space in her thoughts and her answers. However if i answer with a ‘because’ she gets terribly irritated as she knows she never gets the black and white answer she’s looking for.

Two can’t play the same game because……………………..

An Ode to my precious little one

There was a girl called sweet Michu.

She loved to play and giggle all through.

She would hop to school in the morning, ahead

but sulk and frown in front of the gate.

“I don’t want to go to school today,

I just want to sit at home and play.”

“Oh! Dear”, said mom “School is only for a wee time,

I promise sweets i will come back soon and all will be fine.”

She managed to give mommy a smile,

but could not be consoled till she saw her friend Skye.

Her face broke into a smile ,

as Skye came forward to stand behind her in the line.

She smiled and grinned and all was fine,

and waved to her mommy all the time.

“Oh ! mommy stay with me please “, she said

“I will be right here”, said mommy until you are not afraid.