I don’t like to write……….

Well whatever you might be thinking about my caption is not entirely wrong.

Yes! I don’t like to write…….

But, only when i am;

1. Very tired physically.

2.Exhausted mentally.

3. Need some easy mind space to translate my thoughts into words.

4.Angry, irritable and disturbed.

Hence there comes gaps in my posts in my personal blog. Days pass by when my mind refuses to open up and i am so ever reluctant to pick up a thread of thought.

Writing is not an antidote to all my problems it is a beautiful expression of my thoughts. So, when fellow writers and bloggers churn out articles by the dozen in a span of a week i wonder whether i am at all a writer/blogger in the true sense of a word. How to articulate when the mind is jumbled up after a rough day?

What do you think?